The Healer Full Moon Ritual

The Healer Full Moon Ritual
The perfect time to honor and nurture yourself. You are the most important person in your life.

Make your OLG The Healer signature smoothie or latte

▽ Take paper and a pen. Write down situations, patterns or relationships in your life that drains your energy and life force.

▽ Look at your list and see what the teachings have been for this to show itself in your life.

▽ Burn your paper with gratefulness for the teachings.

▽ Blow the affirmation ”I am health and high vibration" into your smoothie or latte

▽ Sit for couple of minutes with closed eyes and feel grateful for everything you have in your life and what your soul gives you every day

▽ Drink your smoothie or latte and feel how you nurturing your soul for every sip

▽ Read your affirmation one more time and thank yourself for having this moment