Heart Opening Cacao Ritual

For your Cacao

▽ 2 sachets of Awakening blend

▽ 2 dl plant based milk preferably oat milk, warm and skimmed

▽ 1/2 tsp grounded cinnamon

▽ 1/2 tsp grounded cardamom

▽ a dust of grounded chili or cayenne

▽ 1/2 tsp agave syrup or coconut nectar (or to taste)

Put your Awakening blend along with all spices in a cup.
Warm your oat milk.
Put a little bit of the milk and whisk it around. Sweeten to taste.
Put the rest of your warm milk into your cup of the Cacao.

The Ritual
While stirring your Cacao and blessing it with incense like Palo Santo, blow in your intention of support to open your heart. Give thanks to Mother Earth for all that she gives us and for the Cacao plant, superfoods and spices that assist you with this heart opening. Then drink it consciously and feel how it fills your whole heart space. Put a hand on your heart and ask the heart: What am I ready to forgive and leave in the past? Write it down on a paper, give it gratefulness for all that has been and burn the paper.
Then ask the Cacao to do a healing of your heart while you close your eyes and take deep breaths into your heart. When you feel ready give thanks to your heart and the healing you already received.