▽ What are superfoods?
Foods with high nutritional value compressed into a small amount. 
They all natural plants, berries, fruits, mushrooms and herbs containing a high source of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and polysaccharids. 
▽ Why should I use superfoods?
As a natural supplement that absorbes easily by our bodies. The plant cell resembles the human cell and our body can assimilate the nutrition and healing from the superfood. We believe that what comes from earth naturally is good for us. 
▽ Why coconut nectar?
A natural sweetener from the coconut tree. It retains a lot of the natural goodness from the tree which it came from. It’s rich in iron and zinc, as well as 17 different amino acids and antioxidants. You’ll also find that it contains vitamins C and B. Our bodies need a small amount of clean glucose to be able to function, for example our brain and nervous system. Every single movement you take, task you do, thought you think, and word you speak requires glucose. We also believe strongly that if it tastes good our bodies receive it easier. The glucose take the nutrition around the blood stream and out to the organs in a faster way. 
▽ Are your products organic?
We strive to only have organic ingredients as far as we can. Also to see that it is a fair trade. 
▽ Are your products vegan?
▽ Can I over consume superfoods?
Nothing is good when you over do it. You can use our portions and use maximum 4 sachetes a day of the same blend. A good way is to vary the different blends during the day if you want to have a broad spectrum of nutrition. 
▽ Can I eat superfoods if I´m pregnant or breast feed?
In each blend from us we give you the directions needed if there are any specific precautions. Always consult with your doctor or doula if you feel unsure.