About One Love Generation

Time to make health accessible for everyone! Let´s skip the illusion about the ”perfect life” and instead find ways that are doable. However you choose to live your life today, you can always add health. With our knowledge around herbs, fruits, berries and plants from Mama Earths abundant supply, we will support you in becoming a Super foodie. We want to honor our Mama Earth, her magic and how she boosts our health through her wisdom. As a gratitude we are giving our blessings back to her. So we have teamed up with ”One tree planted”. With every order from our shop a tree is planted. ”One tree planted” is a non profit organisation that replants trees in Northern America, Latin America, Africa and Asia. So when you shop at our online store you are boosting yourself as well as our Mama Earth. A lifestyle that is sustainable for many generations to come.

Maria Rhodin

With a background of running her own business and within project management, Maria likes to work with an overview and understanding of the vision and all functions within a company. Nowadays she wants every engagement of hers to be in an idea or service aligned with her own life journey. A healthy mind and body has since long been very close to heart and today Maria works with breathwork and teaching yoga. One Love Generation is a part of her mission to influence the world into a happier, healthier place any way she can.

Josefin Dahlberg

Josefin is an influencer and entrepreneur with a passion to help other people to feel their best. She shares her best feel good hacks though social media, online courses, her spiritual brand Oh La Moon and of course One Love Generation. Josefin loves everything that simplifies health into her everyday life that is filled with work, quality time with her family and her own feel good routines. She believes that small everyday routines creates a big difference and that’s why One Love Generation is a must have in her kitchen!

Annika Panotzki

Annika has many years experience of being a health coach and walking a path of a Medicine Woman. She has deep knowledge in superfoods, herbs and plants. Her skill in energy medicine gives her tools to healing and how to incorporate healing food into your daily life. In her upcoming book ”The Chakra Cook Book” (in Swedish ”Regnbågsmat”) she writes about how we heal our body, mind and spirit through foods. Annika is also the owner of a holistic center in Stockholm, ”Conscious Life Sthlm”. As a business owner and a four times mama, health needs to be accessible and easy. Therefor she has a great passion for co creating One Love Generation. 

The Makers

Three souls with different backgrounds were brought together by their passion for health and spiritual well being. All three of us love superfoods and have used them for many years. A fantastic tool to keep our health, energy and vitality on top. As mothers and entrepreneurs we love to be creative in different projects, and every day life has to be simplified. Having ten different bags of superfoods and powders all over the kitchen did not seem simplified to us. In addition we wanted to keep healthy when traveling, before and after exercise and in work meetings. We were longing for a product that gives results, keeps us in our super powers, is easy to use AND tastes delicious!

We care strongly about the environment and creating products free from additives. We LOVE what we came up with and know that you also will love the simplicity, taste and the results! Let these blends be a part of your daily ritual.

▽ We are One Love Generation