New Moon Beauty Ritual

A ritual for some self love. Real beauty comes from the place of unconditional love towards yourself, and when you look yourself in the mirror. When you feel this beauty within, you start to see everything in life through these eyes of the heart. If you feel yourself worthy of your hearts desires you will start to attract them into your life. It all starts from you and from the inside. 

Make your OLG Beauty Elixir signature smoothie or latte.

▽ Read the affirmation on your sachet. Then tune into your heart space. Allow that deep desire from your heart to show itself. Now feel how worthy you are of this dream. Visualize how your dream would make you feel, how much joy and quality it would bring your life. Really feel the energy in your heart. 

▽ Blow that feeling into your smoothie or latte. Ask the superfoods in your cup to support your vision. Feel grateful for Mother Nature and her abundance.

▽ Sit for couple of minutes with closed eyes and feel your heart space while holding your smoothie or latte. Sip it slowly and conscious with the feeling that every cell is absorbing your vision. Feel the rejuvenation and glow from inside and out. Feel the joy and gratefulness. It is done. 

▽ Release your vision to the Universe and trust that it will come in Divine timing.