Healing Body Ritual

Lets give our body and spirit some gratefulness in this healing ritual. The ultimate health comes when we start to work together with our body and really listen to that gut feeling. Then we tune into our own inner wisdom. Lets give ourselves some gratitude and supportive superfoods to create a long lasting health.

Make your OLG The Healer Signature Smoothie or Latte.

▽ Read the affirmation on the sachet.

▽ Blow the affirmation into your smoothie or latte

▽ Ask the body, your cells and your spirit to receive this smoothie or latte as nurturing and healing.

▽ Give yourself a moment to feel gratefulness towards your body and spirit for everything that they do daily for your healing and health.

▽ Read your affirmation one more time and drink your healing smoothie or latte.